Wake Up Tips & Tricks

Come on – admit it, we all have those days where it’s straight-up just harder to get out of bed in the morning! I know I do. Whenever I find myself struggling to get going, I tend to go to extreme measures to pull myself out of my sleep state & into the world – shining my iPhone flashlight in my eyes, rolling myself right off the bed & onto the ground, making deals with myself about what I can have if I get up, the list goes on. But what other strategies do people use to wake up in the morning?

Here are a few tips & tricks to get you going in the morning…

“Put your alarm across the room so you have to get up to turn it off.”

“Instead of thinking about everything, tell yourself to brush your teeth! Then you’re up!”

“5 second rule. Feet on the group in the first 5 seconds of waking.”

“Make plans with a friend. I meet friends at the gym. Won’t let them down.”

“Drink water the second you get up, it helps me wake up!”

“I always make myself an awesome cup of coffee, so I look forward to that every morning!”

“Turn my bedside lamp on immediately.”

“Count to three.”

“My alarm is Breezeblocks by Alt-J. It starts peaceful and quiet & then there’s the DA DA DA DA.”

“Set my watch to vibrate so I can’t just hide it under the pillow to stop the noise alert.”

“Download ‘Alarmy Pro’ – it makes you solve math problems before turning your alarm off!”

“I literally throw my body out of bed. It’s a lot harder to sleep standing up!”

“Go to sleep earlier!”

“Splash your face with water!”

“Play my favorite playlist so I start moving to it, and singing along, and BOOM, I’m awake!”

“I put my alarm clock in the bathroom so that 1.) it echos and 2.) I have to get up and wash my face.”

So many awesome ideas for getting yourself going in the morning!

Which one will you give a try next time you’re struggling to pull yourself out of bed?!