How to Set Season Goals

What’s Included? What Do You Want? What brought you here? What are you hoping to get out of this season of running and life? What do you WANT to accomplish? Each of us has unique goals, interests, and lives – so our running and fitness journeys and goals will each look a bit different. However, […]

Interval Runs 101

What’s Included? What is an INTERVAL RUN? Interval runs are a form of speed work in which one strategically incorporates periods of high intensity work & periods of rest or low intensity work in a specific way to elicit the runner to build new fitness levels, cardio endurance, strength, and speed. Interval runs can come […]

Running Zones

What’s Included? Ways to Measure & Plan Training There are several ways to measure your running effort & plan your training. Depending upon your experience level & your current goals in running, different methods might work best for you personally, but having an understanding of the most used options can be helpful as you continue […]