Strength and Race Training

What’s Included? Start During your Off Season It’s okay & beneficial to incorporate strength at ANY point in your running journey, but it’s BEST to start a new strength training plan or focus closer on strength training during the OFF season (when you aren’t actively training for a race). However, if you are starting a […]

Trail Running 101

What’s Included? What is Trail Running? Trail running comes in many shapes and forms – but when it comes down to it, trail running can be defined as pretty much ANY running that takes place on a natural off-road terrain (sand, dirt, mud, trails, mountains, etc). Trail running can range from easy to extremely difficult […]

Types of Runs

What’s Included? Why is it important? Incorporating different types of runs helps you to customize your training to reach your specific goals & become a more well-balanced runner. While incorporating all types of runs can be beneficial, how much you incorporate each type of run will depend upon your goals, your fitness level, and which […]