Pacing a Half Marathon

What’s Included? The Warm-up Even though it’s a longer race with less all-out intensity as the 5K or 10K, it’s still essential to warm-up properly for the half marathon. A proper warm-up will ensure that you don’t get injured & your legs are ready to go when the race starts! Warm up for at least […]

How to Build Your Mileage Base

What’s Included? BENEFITS OF INCREASING MILEAGE BASE Increasing your baseline weekly mileage (the number of miles you typically run each week) can have a number of benefits – increased endurance, improved aerobic capacity, increased efficiency, and better running form & mechanics. But why is this? Let’s say a runner typically does about 10-12 miles per […]

Long Runs 101

What’s Included? What are long runs? Long runs are exactly what they sound like – the longest run you will complete in a given training week! For many runners, they are one of the most important (if not THE most important) type of runs in their training plans – we’ll dig into WHY that is […]

Elevation Runs & Races

What’s Included? BENEFITS High altitude & elevation can be TOUGH for runners, but it can come with numerous benefits as well including: Because of all of these benefits to one’s ability, many runners opt to train at high altitude or complete training races/practice races at higher altitude while training for their goal races. But while […]

Stroller Running 101

What’s Included? It’s no lie that having kids can make finding time to train a bit more challenging – but it’s NOT impossible. When you have little ones, there may be days where it might not be possible to get your run in alone and this might mean you need to bring them along. Stroller […]

Tapering 101

What’s Included? What is Tapering? Tapering, in the most basic definition, simply means pulling or cutting back on running in preparation for your goal race. The goal of tapering is to help you show up on race day feeling your absolute best & ensure that your body is completely ready, recovered, and able to USE […]

Strength and Race Training

What’s Included? Start During your Off Season It’s okay & beneficial to incorporate strength at ANY point in your running journey, but it’s BEST to start a new strength training plan or focus closer on strength training during the OFF season (when you aren’t actively training for a race). However, if you are starting a […]

Trail Running 101

What’s Included? What is Trail Running? Trail running comes in many shapes and forms – but when it comes down to it, trail running can be defined as pretty much ANY running that takes place on a natural off-road terrain (sand, dirt, mud, trails, mountains, etc). Trail running can range from easy to extremely difficult […]

Types of Runs

What’s Included? Why is it important? Incorporating different types of runs helps you to customize your training to reach your specific goals & become a more well-balanced runner. While incorporating all types of runs can be beneficial, how much you incorporate each type of run will depend upon your goals, your fitness level, and which […]

What is an Easy Run?

INCLUDES: Easy runs are both relaxed and controlled. They are an essential part of your training and should actually make up the bulk of your mileage! An easy run will look different from one runner to the next & will also. look different from day to day. Understanding what an easy run means for YOU […]