8 Go-To Protein Bars

What’s Included? 8 Go-To Protein Bars KIND BARS PERFECT BARS RISE BARS RX BARS (PEANUT BUTTER CHOCOLATE) GOMACRO EPIC PERFORMANCE BARS REAL FOOD BAR (CHERRY CASHEW) How do you decide which protein bar is best for YOU personally? You can check out the list above & compare and contrast the different nutritional information for each […]

Protein 101

What’s Included? Which is Better: Whole Foods or Protein Powders? First, let us look at the difference between protein powders and whole food sources. Both can meet the body’s daily protein requirements; however, they do not offer equal nutritional value. Whole foods = bigger nutritional value! High quality protein sources or complete proteins contain all […]

Protein Bars 101

What’s Included? How Much Protein Do You Need? ON AVERAGE On average, we each need about 10-35% of our daily calories to come from protein. The RDA (recommended daily allowance) is 0.8 grams of protein per KG of body weight (1 KG = approximately 2.2 lb) – and this is a bare minimum. That means, […]