Why Should You Strength Train

What’s Included? Why Is Strength Training Important There are SO many ways to improve as a runner, and adding strength training and cross-training to your normal weekly routine can be a great way to support your running goals & keep making progress. Strength training has numerous benefits for runners including: Improving running economy & efficiency. […]

Carb Loading

What’s Included? As runners and endurance athletes, carbohydrates are our best friend. Carbohydrates are our bodies preferred fuel source and are easy to use. This article will explain what carbohydrate (carb) loading is, when to carb load, and how to properly carb load. What is Carb Loading? When we eat carbohydrates, what we don’t use […]

Running While Sick

What’s Included? Is it Okay to Run While Sick? At some point, ALL runners are going to face an illness of some sort – whether it’s a cold, flu, headache, or otherwise. When you’re sick, your body needs to use its energy to protect you and heal you so you can get back to 100% […]

6 Tips for Running in the Heat

What’s Included? 1.) TIME IT RIGHT If possible, run before the sun comes up or after it goes down to beat the heat. While this isn’t always a possibility for everyone due to schedules – it may be worth exploring some schedule swaps to make it happen! 2.) EASE IN You can acclimate to hotter […]

LISS Training

What’s Included? What is LISS? LISS is an acronym for Low Intensity Steady State movement. In the world of exercise, it is the opposite of HIIT which is High Intensity Interval Training. Let’s start by breaking LISS down a little bit further into the two parts: Low-Intensity and Steady-State. LOW INTENSITY: You engage in LISS […]

Why is Core Strength Important?

What’s Included? Why is Core Important for Runners? When most of us think about strength for runners… I’m sure we immediately think lower body. While lower body strength is important, in order to be a well-rounded and strong runner, we must also focus on both our upper body and CORE. Our core is an absolute […]

How to Build Your Mileage Base

What’s Included? BENEFITS OF INCREASING MILEAGE BASE Increasing your baseline weekly mileage (the number of miles you typically run each week) can have a number of benefits – increased endurance, improved aerobic capacity, increased efficiency, and better running form & mechanics. But why is this? Let’s say a runner typically does about 10-12 miles per […]