How Much Should You Run?

What’s Included? Factors That Impact How Much You Should Run Jumping into a new habit or hobby can be tough – especially if you’re not sure where to start. When it comes to running, it’s important to remember that each season may look a little bit different, and that means HOW MUCH you run may […]

How To Maintain Progress

What’s Included? HOW TO MAINTAIN AFTER A RACE You just finished the race or event that you’ve been training for throughout the past few weeks or months – and now you’re wondering what you can do to keep it going… It’s easy to assume that “jumping back in” as soon as possible will give you […]

Interval Runs 101

What’s Included? What is an INTERVAL RUN? Interval runs are a form of speed work in which one strategically incorporates periods of high intensity work & periods of rest or low intensity work in a specific way to elicit the runner to build new fitness levels, cardio endurance, strength, and speed. Interval runs can come […]

How to Build Your Mileage Base

What’s Included? BENEFITS OF INCREASING MILEAGE BASE Increasing your baseline weekly mileage (the number of miles you typically run each week) can have a number of benefits – increased endurance, improved aerobic capacity, increased efficiency, and better running form & mechanics. But why is this? Let’s say a runner typically does about 10-12 miles per […]

Long Runs 101

What’s Included? What are long runs? Long runs are exactly what they sound like – the longest run you will complete in a given training week! For many runners, they are one of the most important (if not THE most important) type of runs in their training plans – we’ll dig into WHY that is […]

Elevation Runs & Races

What’s Included? BENEFITS High altitude & elevation can be TOUGH for runners, but it can come with numerous benefits as well including: Because of all of these benefits to one’s ability, many runners opt to train at high altitude or complete training races/practice races at higher altitude while training for their goal races. But while […]

Stroller Running 101

What’s Included? It’s no lie that having kids can make finding time to train a bit more challenging – but it’s NOT impossible. When you have little ones, there may be days where it might not be possible to get your run in alone and this might mean you need to bring them along. Stroller […]

Tapering 101

What’s Included? What is Tapering? Tapering, in the most basic definition, simply means pulling or cutting back on running in preparation for your goal race. The goal of tapering is to help you show up on race day feeling your absolute best & ensure that your body is completely ready, recovered, and able to USE […]