Summer Running Tips & Tricks

Who’s ready for SUMMER RUNNING? I LOVE summer runs – but I feel like I’m shocked every single year by all of the challenges that come with those beautiful summer season runs! Here are some helpful tips & tricks FROM runners FOR runners about how to beat the heat this summer season!

“Start super early or late in the evening” – @urban_running_mama

“Try to get out early before the sun is high” – @getfitbyalicia

“Get out before the sun does!” –

“Early, early!” – @lorischmidt326

“Run speed work in the heat, and distance in the morning/night” – @trekettup

Salt tabs” – @beth_nykerk_running

“Take some form of electrolytes with you” – @urban_running_mama

“Hydrate before, during, and after the workout” – @therunningpumpkindiaries

“Make sure you’re drinking water throughout the day – and when you think you’ve had enough, more water!” – @chipotlesurprise

“Fill a handheld halfway, freeze horizontally, then fill the rest before you run” – @emily_kenyon4

“Fill a water bottle full of ice first & then add water. Stays colder and you get more water in the end” – @getyourfittogetherr

Hide water along the way to drink and to splash on your face!!” – @abbyharr12

“Get used to either holding water bottles or find routes with known water stations” – @runnwineboutit_

“Electrolytes are your friend (GATORADE, NUUN, CURE)” – @runnwineboutit_

“Drop water or plan routes to drink every 45 minutes!” – @run_with_chloe

“Have ice cold water waiting for you when you get back!” – @christina.fit_

Magnesium and electrolytes right before bed” – @sasha_konell

“Park your car where you can loop back for water (if you drive somewhere)” – @kele1325

“Put a Ziploc bag of ice in your sports bra! Keeps you much cooler!” – @petuniaontherun

“A cold shower afterwards!” – @amyrunsdc

“Packing ice in your sports bra!!” – @aschnurpel

Spend time outside, even just 10 minutes sitting to get your body used to the temperature” – @2blueeyess

“Embrace rainy runs!” – @mrsdreadsin9th

Ice in headband or sports bra is clutch!” – @mrsdreadsin9th

Slow down & listen to your body” – @urban_running_mama

“Go slower” – @cchungy_

“Humidity = poor man’s altitude!” – @mg_runsmarathons

Don’t stress about pace. A lot of runs will be EFFORT BASED.” – @cjtherunner

“Wear a cap that covers your neck” – @goodwillruns

Wearing a hat and putting it in the freezer the night before!” – @alexrunsaroundtheworld

“Freeze or wet a neck gaitor to cool you off as you run” – @runner_jessss

Hands free handheld water bottles! Take a sip every ~ 2 miles or so!” –

Light colors, SUNSCREEN, water, and electrolytes!” – @wiscorunnerkj

“Boardwalk runs if you’re by a coast. 10x cooler by the water!” – @meaghan.decorso

“Find a shady route – like a trail or even a street with trees on the side if you can” – @juliannalmartin

TRAIILLZZZZ (share and uneven terrain keep it fun)!” – @nocreditrating

Have one that you don’t see or that you want to add to the list? Drop it below! Happy Summer Season, Runners!!