Recovery Tools

What’s Included?

  • What are Recovery Tools?
  • When to Use Them
  • Recommended Brands

Foam Rollers

What are Foam Rollers?

Foam rolling is a self-massage technique where you use a foam roller to apply pressure to tight or sore muscles. It works by helping muscle fibers move from a bundled & tight position (a knot) to a straighter position aligned with the muscle. The pressure from the roller increases blood flow in the area & also stimulates the muscles to relax.

When to Use?

Using foam rolling BEFORE both stretching and exercising is recommended to help prepare the muscles for movement, increase your range of motion, and improve your ability to stretch deeper and more effectively. Using foam rolling after a hard workout or regularly throughout the week is also recommended in order to release muscle tension and stimulate recovery.

Top Recommended Brands:

1.) Rollga Rollers

2.) TriggerPoint

3.) RumbleRoller

4.) Roll Recovery

Muscle Recovery Creams

What are Muscle Recovery Creams?

There are many creams out there for muscle recovery – creams that have cooling effects, warming effects, tingling, and more. While there is still a lot of room for research in the world of recovery creams, it does seem that they can have both a psychological and physical benefit when it comes to running recovery. This is because some of them contain active ingredients such as arnica, menthol, CBD, and other ingredients meant to relieve swelling, pain, and inflammation.

When to Use?

You can use a recovery cream after a hard workout or race to help reduce the onset of soreness & once soreness has set in. Make sure to check out the product specifically to see how often it can be reapplied. For example – Nature’s Willow suggests using their Pain Relieving Balm no more than 3-4 times per day.

Top Recommended Brands:

1.) Natures Willow

2.) Coach Soak

3.) Feel Good Lab

4.) Icy-Hot

Epsom Salts

What are Epsom Salts?

Epsom salts are typically added to a bath or water to soak in for recovery. For the most part, epsom salts work for recovery due to the Magnesium Sulfate – which is absorbed through the skin while soaking. Magnesium sulfate is reported to reduce the lactic acid in the muscles and reduce pain and swelling.

When to Use?

Epsom salts can be used any time for a number of benefits given that most of us don’t get enough Magnesium through our diets. However, typically we can use epsom baths after a hard workout, race, or even just during our recovery and rest days to reset. Just make sure that your bath is at least 15 minutes long in order to truly reap the benefits.

Top Recommended Brands:

1.) Coach Soak

2.) Dr Teals

Compression Socks

What are Compression Socks?

Compression socks are socks that place additional pressure and/or compression on the feet and legs in order to promote blood flow & reduce the pooling of blood (leading to soreness and/or heaviness in the legs). Compression socks can provide relief for muscle aches and foot pain & can even reduce muscle damage and inflammation, especially for long distance runners.

When to Use?

Compression socks can be worn pretty much anytime but they are said to be very beneficial to wear during and after a run. Typically you won’t need to wear compression socks at night or when you sleep, but wearing them in the morning can also be helpful to stimulate blood flow.

Top Recommended Brands:

1.) Crucial Compression

2.) Pro Compression

3.) Bombas

4.) Wear Wellow

Amy Haas
Run with Aim, LLC
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