Starting today

Are you ready to make some progress, crush some goals, and win some awesome prizes? The AIM Monthly Program includes everything you need to make progress, no matter what season of life or training you may be in! Includes…

⭐️ Ongoing non-stop access to the AIM App
⭐️ Monthly Challenges that drop on the 1st of each month – each challenge is unique & includes a variety of strength workouts, cardio workouts, and/or habits.
⭐️ Prizes & giveaways every month
⭐️ Recipe library & meal logging
⭐️ Smart device connection & progress tracking
⭐️ Runs & strength workouts
⭐️ Warm-up library & stretching library
⭐️ Weekly articles
⭐️ In-app chat & whole community FB group
⭐️ In-person events & meet-ups

Join anytime and cancel anytime!

$12.00 USD