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16-week half marathon plan designed to help you complete a 2:00 half marathon (9:09/mile or 5:41/km). All plans come with a pace chart so you know exactly which pace range you should be in for each run. Plan is available in miles or kms.

⭐️ AIM App access
⭐️ 16-week training plan
⭐️ 5 runs per week + 2 rest days per week
⭐️ Training Plan in-app chat + Coach for support & accountability
⭐️ 9 Training Tip Articles & 1:1 Check-ins from Coach
⭐️ Stretching & warm-up library
⭐️ Ability to move runs on your calendar as needed

Prior to starting this plan, you should:
⭐️ Have a base of around 20 miles per week
⭐️ Be running consistently 3-4 days per week
⭐️ Be able to run 45 minutes or 4-5 miles without stopping
⭐️ Equivalent paces (not required but can be used as a benchmark to determine if this plan is a good fit for you): 4:10 marathon, 55 minute 10k, 27 minute 5k, or 7:45 mile time trial
⭐️ Peak mileage: around 30 miles per week

🚨 IMPORTANT NOTE: Begins the day of purchase.
🚨 If you need the start date adjusted, please email Amy at Amy@runwithaim.com and we can adjust the start date of your plan so it aligns with your race!

$39.99 USD
one time