Wake Up Tips & Tricks

Come on – admit it, we all have those days where it’s straight-up just harder to get out of bed in the morning! I know I do. Whenever I find myself struggling to get going, I tend to go to extreme measures to pull myself out of my sleep state & into the world – shining my iPhone flashlight in […]

Bento Box Lunch Ideas

So, what’s a Bento Box lunch? Bento boxes are an ancient Japanese traditional style of packed lunches – consisting of several different & diverse items packed together in small, separate, containers or areas. This style has become modern recently because of the minimal prep & cooking required, the diversity in foods that you can choose to […]

Summer Running Tips & Tricks

Who’s ready for SUMMER RUNNING? I LOVE summer runs – but I feel like I’m shocked every single year by all of the challenges that come with those beautiful summer season runs! Here are some helpful tips & tricks FROM runners FOR runners about how to beat the heat this summer season! “Start super early or late in the evening” – @urban_running_mama […]