Who am I?

My name is Amy, and I’m the founder of AIM Virtual. As a runner myself, I’ve been on a personal mission since 2013 to run a half marathon in every single state. After setting this personal fitness goal, I noticed that sharing the journey & my progress along the way with others helped me to truly stick with it.

As I shared, I started to meet & learn about others & their personal fitness goals and journeys – and I quickly realized that we had more in common than we realized. We all shared challenges, obstacles, setbacks, dips in motivation, frustrations, moments of celebration, and so much more – even if we experienced them at different times & in different ways. As I met more individuals, an idea was born – to create a space & a community that would allow us to stay accountable, support one another, and challenge ourselves in our own unique ways – and AIM was born.

What is AIM Virtual?

Back in 2020 when Covid hit & many of us had our races canceled, gyms closed, and motivation at an all-time low – AIM was just beginning to come to life. We start out as one big running group: Run with Aim. Even back in 2020, we had many of the hallmark features that we still have today (weekly runs, strength workouts, weekend challenges, prizes, and more) – but as the group grew, things quickly evolved.

Since 2020, we have gotten our own space within the AIM Virtual app & we’ve been able to add more programs and plans to better fit each person’s individual needs and goals. Yet despite the changes and updates – a few things still remain the same. At our core, we are still a COMMUNITY that values support, personal growth, realistic progress, and having fun along the way.

Today, Aim Virtual offers a variety of fitness challenges, prizes, workouts, community, and SO much more! We have numerous options for programs and plans that you can combine to best meet YOUR individual health and fitness goals – no matter your age, level, or location. 

How can you join?

You can join ANYTIME by checking out our available programs and plans. No matter what season of training you may be in – we have something for everyone. If you ever need assistance with choosing a program or plan that’s best for you – you can always contact us